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Remote Viewing Stage 5

Revisiting Remote Viewing Stage 5

The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 wrapped you over this past weekend, 10-12 September 2021. It was a resounding success, great attendance both physically and virtually, excellent presentations and thought provoking discussion. Wait a second though… I think revisiting remote viewing stage 5 may be warranted. Why would I suggest revisiting remote viewing stage 5? …

IRVA Conference

IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 – Daily Live Blog

The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 kicked off today. My travel ability changed last minute this week and I cannot attend the IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 in person, however I am attending virtually and providing a daily recap and “almost live blog” here. The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 is being broadcast live via …

remote viewing dowsing map

Remote Viewing Stage 6 Location and Directionals

In this post we look at one of remote viewing’s biggest challenges, location, and some ideas on remote viewing stage 6 location and directionals. Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time remote viewing, teaching or discussing remote viewing will inevitably field the questions – “Can you remote _____”, “can you remote view the …

remote viewing stage 7

Remote Viewing and Stage 7 Phonetics

I’m looking forward to the 2021 International Remote Viewing Conference this year. Last year’s IRVA conference was virtual, which was a great success, I do hope they continue to offer virtual options for those unable to attend in person. Nothing beats in person discussions, meetings and training, however technology has progressed to the point where …

Apple Magic Mouse 2

PopOS 20.04 (Ubuntu 20.04) with Apple Magic Mouse 2 Scrolling

This driver works great on various distros but specifically for myself provides a working solution for PopOS 20.04 (or Ubuntu 20.04) with Apple Magic Mouse 2 scrolling. I know this will likely get me flamed, but while Linux is and continues to be my computing platform of choice the past few decades for work and …