IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 - Daily Live Blog

IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 - Daily Live Blog

The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 kicked off today.

My travel ability changed last minute this week and I cannot attend the IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 in person, however I am attending virtually and providing a daily recap and “almost live blog” here. The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 is being broadcast live via Zoom for special pricing for those unable to attend in person. A few days after the conference, live-stream registrants will be granted access to recordings of the talk live-streams, which will be available online for 14 days. This is a great option if you cannot attend. Kudos to IRVA for providing a virtual option again this year.

== IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 – Day One – Friday 10 September 2021 ==

0900hrs Eastern – “What is Remote Viewing”:

  • * Bill Ray IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 opening and Paul Smith intro presentation on **_“What is Remote Viewing”_**. * Great to hear Paul Smith talk briefly about “GRV” or _generic remote viewing_ results from back in the day prior to things becoming “CRV” centric. * Special thanks to Pam Coronado for stepping in last minute to handle additional duties as IRVA president John Cook prevented from attending due to border travel restrictions. * Excellent breakdown and insights of RV history, military’s timeline, research statistics and some inside stories, Paul Smith speaking candidly and engagingly as only he can on these topics. Some more superb military unit insights and examples. Amazing. * Presentation concluding with live remote viewing experiment, feedback and Q/A. Thanks Paul !

    1120hrs Eastern – “Opening Remarks and Extended Remote Viewing From the Field”:

    • Pam Coronado opening remarks on IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021. President John Cook online, Pam covering for absence. Some announcements: Lynn Buchanan grant winners for young scholars/students to get involved with IRVA/RV introduced.
    • Bill Ray slaying it as MC, very enjoyable and lively.
    • Pam Coronado and Bill Ray “Extended Remote Viewing From the Field” presentation. What is is, history, some unit stories, differences from CRV, pro’s/con’s, field stories, Q/A.
    • Fascinating, Pam’s experiences are similar to some of my experiences with missing persons although my methods are different. Thank you Bill and Pam.

    1400hrs Eastern – “Asking the Right Question: The Key to Accurate Results”:

    • Lori Lambert Williams (with Lynn Buchanan virtually via pre-recorded video) presenting “Asking the Right Question: The Key to Accurate Results”.
    • How to improve and find your life’s purpose by asking the right questions. Lori is such a great speaker and presenter. Breaking down critical aspects on how to form well stated questions and tasks not based on subjective perspective. End goal vs means to an end, getting to the heart of the question.
    • These video clips from Lynn are absolute gems – I believe these all will be made available.
    • Lori on point reinforcing the basics of who, what, when where, why & how. Doing crowd participation with volunteers on breaking down their questions, great attendance PDF handout, Q/A. Amazing presentation Lori!

    1600hrs Eastern – “Decoding the Nuraghi of Sardinia”:

    • Pre-recorded presentation by Dr. Angela Thompson Smith, **“Decoding the Nuraghi of Sardinia” and possibly a live Q/A, technical options permitting.

      • In depth presentation of session data for this NRVG project, that was done in three phases of detail progressing taskings, going from basic gestalt data, history, construction, timelines, purpose and who built these structures. Great session data examples. Great to see Stage 6 use of clay modeling.
      • Superb presentation and excellent live Q/A. Thank you Dr. Smith!

    That’s a wrap for Day One. On site social tonight, sorry I’m missing that, but will pick up again tomorrow…

    == IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 – Day Two – Saturday 11 September 2021 ==

    0915hrs Eastern – “Psi Kids – Psychic Development (Remote Viewing) in Education and Why It Matters”:

    • Good day attendees from around the world, welcome to IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 Day Two ! MC Bill Ray on point with moment of silence to acknowledge and honor all those affected by 9/11 and day’s introduction.

    • Elly Molina with her presentation **Psi Kids – Psychic Development (Remote Viewing) in Education and Why It Matters.

      • Wow great to hear about this sort of psi exposure to young children in school. Quick, active exercise to direct focus and awareness that can be taught to children or anyone. Great examples of other types of focus practice. Updates on some of these children who were exposed to psi development early on and are now grown adults.
      • Quick interactive RV exercise to perceive what’s in the treasure chest with feedback. A 16 page downloadable brochure available at Psi Kids Academysite above with exercises for children. Q/A. Thank you for what you do Elly and your passion!
      • Bill Ray and Paul Smith quick wit banter comedy podcast in 2022.

    1020hrs Eastern – “Time and Remote Influencing, Developing Protocol and Methods”:

    • Patty Gallagher with **“Time and Remote Influencing, Developing Protocol and Methods” presentation.

      • Background on the Signal Line Remote Viewers group, around past two decades, methods and targets. Historical context of remote influencing. Reference to RV “future stages” documentation.
      • Project outline, logistics, tasking, scheduling, record keeping, data examples and templates. Heavy thought provoking subject mater, samples, results and conclusions.
      • Q/A. Whoa, a lot to consume from this, great presentation and work, thank you Patty!

    1130hrs Eastern – “Research into Altered-State Consciousness via Electroencephalography”:

    • Nancy McLaughlin-Walter present combine work of Dr. Ross Dunseath with The Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia on **“Altered-State Consciousness via Electroencephalography”.

      • EEG and brain electro affects during remote viewing. Explanation of experiment setup, software used, photos that participants were to remote view and/or OBE perceive. Example data, templates, scoring. Heavy scientific process being explained and how it affects peer reviewed publications.
      • Trial statistics, breakdown of case data collected, cool photos of participants with electrodes attached, (reminded me of scenes from The Matrix). Default-mode network of the brain when not actively engaged in something, that’s interesting. Heavy neuroscience stuff here. Reference to prior studies. Q/A. A lot to process, thank you Nancy.

    1400hrs Eastern – “Mars Through the Eyes of Science and Remote Viewing”:

    • Thomas McNear, needs no introduction, huge applause and welcome, keynote speech and **“Mars Through the Eyes of Science and Remote Viewing”.

      • Thomas McNear keynote, cannot wait, let’s go! The entrance and welcome was akin to Steve Jobs at an Apple event. What the science knows about Mars, what we currently know, later what 17 remote viewers say. Current data from landers and rovers, NASA photographs. The pyramids and face on Mars, oh man… Pyramid structural alignment comparisons, discussing “Death of Mars” by John Brandemburg, Ph.D and isotopic analysis of destruction event on Mars 500M BC, timeline, total absolute attentiveness by online and on-site attendees. Various Mars photos and information from international space agencies and missions, success/failures. Discussing Nasa ingenuity mission and future endeavors. From the eyes of remote viewers…
      • Ingo’s data from 1973, Tom McNear’s data from 1984. Oh snap, 17 remote viewers, breakdown of dates, site and taskings. Joe McMoneagle’s data, Ingo’s team, Tom is holding court here, captivating. Laying out who was on Ingo’s team, timeline and laying out some mysteries about the team still existing today. Other teams and viewers, Debra Katz team, Will Murray, Marty Rosenblatt a few other, some front loaded. Collective responses and data form 17 remote viewers on physical environment, structures, function of structures, significant event, entities, description, communication, viewer’s feelings, viewings of entities on Mars… holy heck … entities message to us.
      • Oh my, special presentation of data here. On to Tom’s own data and and his experience remote viewing Mars. Fascinating information on Tom’s taskings and data. Another personal mystery revealed from his Mars data, wow. A bit on Ingo Swan’s moon data. Full blown summary of all viewer data correlation along with Nasa’s known data, broken down by experienced, professional, blind data, etc. Wowza of a presentation, and potential Mars summary. Mind blown. Q/A.
      • Absolutely amazing presentation, thank you Mr. McNear!

    1600hrs Eastern – Outbounder Remote Viewing Activity:

    • Paul Smith running and coordinating an outbounder remote viewing activity. Last year’s was really fun.
    • Outbounder team is going to site randomly selected from pool of potential sites. Participant viewers will remote view the site the outbounder beacon team is interacting with at a designated time. Paul explaining the process and guidelines. Here we go.
    • Discussion, outbounder beacon team feedback of where they were at, sharing examples from on-site participants, Q/A and daily wrap up with a few announcements for on-site attendees.

    Concludes Day Two, catch everyone for Day Three tomorrow…

    == IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2021 – Day Three – Sunday 12 September 2021 ==

    0915hrs Eastern – “Phonetics: Discovering CRV Stage Seven”:

    • Opening day remarks by MC Bill Ray, then Thomas (Tom) McNear with his presentation **“Phonetics: Discovering CRV Stage Seven”. Really looking forward to this and how it may relate to my own experimentation with phonetics.

      • Starting with a brief overview of stages CRV 1-6, then a look in to stage 7 as Tom experienced and understands it and as it was started to be developed. Everything discussed by historical archives. Tom breaking down how to locate remote viewing archives on CIA FOIA website. What Ingo taught, what does the official archives say, Tom’s ideas on how to train it and his proposals. Tom breaking down how Ingo monitored sessions. Fascinating look at mirror viewer and monitor transcripts that would be produced, archived notes on Tom’s training with Ingo. Quick overview of stages 1-6. Fascinating break down of these stage 1-6 from Tom and historical context. Wow, intense break down of a stage 5 layout.
      • Mind blown, Tom discussing breaking down vowels. What is stage 7 and Tom requesting feedback and ideas. This is a brilliant presentation. Ideas on how this process may work and how to train stage 7. Personal notes from Ingo’s archives on phonetics. Proposed definition for stage 7. Discussion and Q/A.
      • Amazing thought provoking presentation and proposal for stage 7 phonetics, thanks Tom!

    1100hrs Eastern – “Confusion in the Ranks: Remote Viewing and Consciousness”:

    • Paul Smith brings the conference to an end with his presentation **“Confusion in the Ranks: Remote Viewing and Consciousness”.

      • Consciousness, what is it, being conscious, being self-aware, is it necessary for machine AI and how remote viewing fits in to the picture. Defining consciousness and differences between the idea of everything being energy.
      • Discussing chains of causation. How ESP factors in to consciousness. Q/A, thanks Paul.
      • Pam and Debra Katz wrapping things up for the conference, providing some IRU and Warcollier Award updates, contest buttons found.

    That’s all folks. A great conference, thank you IRVA for another great event and the on-site tech folks making the virtual event possible. See y’all next year!