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Vance West
Linux Systems and Investigation

Vance West is the founder of the investigation and training firm Trinity Science International (TSI). Initiated in 1999, TSI offers instruction and services utilizing diverse skill-sets for problem-solving, unconventional intelligence collection, cyber security and all aspects of investigative assessment. Vance also works within the IT industry where he’s spent the last two decades specializing in Linux based systems, networking, digital forensics, systems engineering and security administration. Vance West previously spent a decade in the private protection and investigation world, working for celebrities, VIPs, executives & their families all around the globe. A licensed and certified investigative specialist since 1991, his training and work background covers surveillance, counter-surveillance, undercover operations, cyber forensics, HUMINT/OSINT/PSIINT intelligence collection, executive protection and defensive tactics. Vance has extensive international work experience, testified in court as a subject matter expert and has had the honor of assisting various local and federal agencies in these professional capacities. More can be found on the Trinity Science website.

My Experience

Current and previous professional history.

  • Requisition:SSE - Infrastructure
  • Time Period:2019 Oct - Present
Various (Futurenet, Brighthouse, Hostway, Rackspace)
  • Requisition:Linux Systems Administrator
  • Time Period:2000 Nov- 2019 Sept
Trinity Science International (TSI)
  • Requisition:Founder, Investigator, Consultant
  • Time Period:1999 - Present
  • Requisition:Executive Protection, Investigation
  • Time Period:1990 - 2000 Jan


Years ago, Vance coined a phrase in the web hosting industry that's over used today, but still applies - The Three C's - Concise, Competent, Consistent. These tenets apply to every endeavor no matter the industry. Each project, task or investigation is handled with competency of skills, concise communcation and focus with consistency of effort across every unertaking, small or large


A skill set that draws from decades of professional experience in the IT, protection and investigation fields, Vance merges these togehter to fill a unique problem solving bag of tools. Linux systems administration, cyber forensics, conventional and unconventional intelligence collection, missing persons, surveillance and undercover operations are a few. More information can be found at Trinity Science dot com