IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 - Daily Live Blog

IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 - Daily Live Blog

The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 starts today.

The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 begins today, I’m excited, I am attending virtually providing a daily recap and “almost live blog” here. The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 is being broadcast live via Zoom for special pricing for those unable to attend in person. A few days after the conference, live-stream registrants will be granted access to recordings of the talk live-streams, which will be available online for 14 days. This is a great option if you cannot attend. Kudos to IRVA for providing a virtual option again this year.

Once again look forward to chatting with new and old friends, looks like my long time bud Edward Riordan will be doing a QA along with the one & only Dick Allgire, awesome.

== IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 – Day One – Friday 22 July 2022 ==

0800hrs PST / 1100hr EST – In-Person Registration – Online fun game called “Truth or Lie”.:

  • * Doing a bit of an online meet & greet and game of truth or lie with two questions.

    0900hrs PST / 1200hr EST – “Conference Opening”:

  • * Nancy Reinhardt welcoming and opening the conference and words from Deacon Dom with some background of the location. Location details and weekend overview/details/accommodations. * The online aspect is more organized this year, great job. The in-person presentation has more tech on-sire as well, modernizing, great to see. * Dr. Debra Katz intro opening remarks. Celebrating 50 year anniversary of remote viewing. Highlighting growth, great attendance and additional focus on the online, technical expansion and focus. Honoring the host location, quick positive prayer, pure class considering diverse backgrounds in attendance. amen. * Overview of the day and weekend. Announcements. Strong drinks later onsite 🙂

    0930hr PST / 1230hr EST – “Synchronicities Surrounding SRI Remote Viewing” – Russell Targ:

  • * Russell talking remotely and live streaming to on-site location. * Beautiful onsite pan to see all the attendees and location, group waves. * Russel speaking about background and synchronicities surround his involvement with beginning of SRI research and connections with folks, agencies and Uri Geller. Events leading up to establishing SRI program. * Connection with NASA and speculative science, request for talk. There was interest in astronauts being taught psychic way of detecting issues with craft. Interesting. Apple Store esp teaching machine, “ESP Trainer” and “Stargate ESP”. Idea of official program, Edgar Mitchell and Hal Puthoff’s talks and getting in to SRI with NASA’s support of esp teaching machine. * Hal already working with Ingo Swann at SRI, with Russell coming with NASA’s support. Shift in focus to trials of “psychic hide and seek” outbounder experiments with Ingo describing locations. Publishing results. Ingo names it “remote viewing” in 1972. * QA

    1000hr PST / 1300hr EST – “The History of IRVA & Introducing the new IRVA Historical & Archival Committee” – Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D:

  • * The one and only, ATS. Slides from the Ingo Swann estate by legendary photographer Robert Knight. Background on these being donated to IRVA. * Newly formed IRVA Historical & Archival Committee responsible for collecting and maintaining historical documents, photographs and artifact, etc. Interesting seeing some of the early 1999 IRVA founding brainstorming meeting, concerns and where remote viewing was going. Lyn hosting the meeting at his house. * IRVA was born with a board and association. Thank you.

    1055hr PST / 1435hr EST – “Personality Profiling With Remote Viewing” – Patty Gallagher:

  • * Data collection method for personality profiling with remote viewing, a gateway in to influencing. * Expanded checklist in the emotionals matrix, such as physical, current behavior, motivation, goals, fears, frustration, needs, anger, dysfunctional behaviors, weakness, avoidance, relationships, happiness, health issues, etc. This sounds similar to what I was taught as a “deep mind probe” in CRV stage 6, formatted a bit differently. * Live participation and some example results. Interesting, the challenge with many many descriptors like this is they can generally data match many individuals and cherry pick the relevant known ones along with the drawbacks of consensus analysis. Great presentation and research.

    1140hr PST / 1440hr EST – “The Nature of Numbers And Their Application In The Lottery” – Jon Knowles:

  • * Go Jon, look forward to this. Love dealing with alphanumerics and its possibilities. Lotery. * I’ll hopefully have some interesting data in regards to this in the coming year. Fascinating research on early language forms and methods. Really cool look at methods used and data bookkeeping. * Well done Jon!

    1300hr PST / 1600hr EST – “Ask Hal Anything & UFO/UAP Update” – Hal Puthoff:

  • * QA with Hal. Discussion on UFO disclosure, etc.

    1330hr PST / 1630hr EST – “Panel Discussion” – various:

  • * Panel of legends sharing anecdotes about their most amazing moments, including HalP, Lyn B, Paul S, Tom M, John B, Jeffrey M, Marty R. * Fascinating stories. I absolutely love listening to Tom McNear speak about his experiences, great speaker. * Wow, Lyn Buchanan’s ranch vision, sweet! Powerful message from Tom M. about working together. Really enjoyed the final discussion on the idea of “God”. Powerful.

    1445hr PST / 1745hr EST – “Outbounder Experiment” – Paul Smith, Debra Katz:

  • * Annual outbounder experiment. Setup and explanation… This one is going to be precognitively due to time restraints… whee!

    1530hr PST / 1830hr EST – “Online Attendees enjoy a Special Online Lecture on RV Tournament; In-Person Attendees go on a tour” – Michael Ferrier:

  • * While In-Person attendees go on a tour from 3:30-5:30pm, the Online attendees enjoy a Special Online Lecture with Michael Ferrier. Michael Ferrier, creator of the associative remote viewing app RV Tournament (, presented the research findings that have emerged from this project so far. * Wow, amazing breadth of data here.

    1630hr PST / 1930hr EST – “Dick Allgire & Edward Riordan – Special Online Lecture while In-Person Attendees go on a tour” – Dick Allgire, Edward Riordan:

  • * Dick Allgire and Edward Riordan discuss Cryptoviewing and answered questions in a Q&A * in-person attendees go on a tour (meet outside Chapel). Awesome to see Edward after so many years, back in the day we attended some training together and worked together quite closely. Great to see him excel. Brilliant presentation!

    There’s some in-person and online discussions/activities later in the evening after dinner and such. It for me today, I’ll be back tomorrow for day 2.

    == IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 – Day Two – Saturday 23 July 2022 ==

    0900hr PST / 1200hr EST – “IRVA Day 2 Opening Remarks” – Nancy R, Debra K – :

  • * Announcements for day.

    0915hr PST / 1215hr EST – “Content vs. Meaning in Images: Creating an open-sourced image database & target pool for RV Research” – Damon Abraham:

  • * Image database and target pools for research. Semantic distances being relative and not fixed depending on reference. Some deep concepts and science here, getting in to AI implications. * IAPS (Intn’l Affective Picture System) image database and regulated/unregulated trials. DB of approximately 2000 images, divided in to classes, in separate order. * Need help with more participants. Trying to level playing field of ability to select target or decoy pools based on matched content as well as desired normative characteristics. In regards to remote viewing displacement challenges, this is quite fascinating work. Awesome work.

    1000hr PST / 1300hr EST – “The Fascinating Mysteries of Ingo Swann’s Book: Penetration” – Tom McNear:

  • * Tom McNear, reveals the background that caused the publication of these two additional editions of Penetration and discusses some surprising information about Swann’s team. Such a great speaker, the Steve Jobs of remote viewing. The question of ET and Human Telepathy, two new editions. What’s new that warranted two new editions. * Earthside vs spaceside telepathy comparisons, why books were called “Penetration” and Ingo’s feeling on the importance of viewers to work together to strengthen our telepathic skills. Summary of book parts. I gotta re-read these, been too many years. * The suppression of psi ability and reasons. 2016 additional material found in archives, Chapter 9, Psychic Probes of Mars. Reasons not included in first version. That gives us “Special Edition” with inclusion/omissions. The “Special Edition Updated” revision includes the Mars III data (1984 third psychic probe), plus bonus reports. * Identifying the 5 person Mars team, whoa, naming some names! Brilliant research by Brian Lawlan. * Incredible insight.

    1045hr PST / 1345hr EST – “Using Intuitive Processes for Predicting Horse Racing Outcomes” – Tom Atwater:

  • * Tom Atwater shares experiences, including the pros and cons of using intuitive processes for predicting horse racing outcomes. Two hypothesis about time delay and independent vs self judging. * Data outcome – inconclusive on time delay, no data to suggest time affects successful outcome. Similar in regards to judging, no significant difference. What I find interesting on a lot of the data found this weekend in regards to ARV, consistent results are not great, don’t use it for your 401K 🙂

    1115hr PST / 1415hr EST – “Visions for the Future” – Lyn Buchanan:

  • * Lyn’s thoughts on where we’re going with remote viewing and how to get there. Heartfelt words from Lyn to Tom McNear. * Valid thoughts in regards to professional work, professional reports, documentation, databasing and the need for training courses to include these. You must document, show the data. Databasing results helps identify strengths and weaknesses. * Communicate in customer’s language in professional manner, not in “psychic” terms. Discussing the ranch Lyn is working on. Example reports onsite. Quick QA.

    1315hr PST / 1615hr EST – “Keynote Address – Traveling along the RV Trail: 50 years of Time and Space Exploration” – Dale Graff:

  • * Keynote speaker Dale Graff. Reflecting on early days and visiting SRI building in many years. Earlier work with dreams and intuitive work. Progression in to RV work. Relating personal story that inspired early interest and involvement in psi abilities. Again Edgar Mitchell interest comes in, that’s fascinating. I feel Edgar’s interest in psi and RV was instrumental in getting a lot of early funding. * Early RV trials. Sudden hail here in Florida, lost connectivity for second half. **1415hr PST / 1715hr EST – _“My History/Experiences with ARV and Consciousness” – Marty Rosenblatt_:**
  • * Marty reports on hist history, experiences and latest work with ARV, precognition and consciousness. Look forward to a bit of insight on the decreasing results curve over time. Early results and presentations. * Discussing the quantum aspects of consciousness and theorizing how our physical connectivity and entanglement with the collective conscious may work. Great ideas on intention and handshake between RV session and feedback. The handshake between the two can enhance the entanglement. * Motivation for a Precog Pro program and professionals. Reliability and consistency still challenging long term with approximately 65% accuracy seemingly being the common long term success rate. Why? Great presentation Marty!

    1515hr PST / 1815hr EST – “Alphabetics – Significant Developments Past and Present” – Jon Knowles:

  • * My man Jon returns with second part of his alphanumerics presentations. This one on alphabetics and the ABCZ typing abbreviation system. Posting previous day’s document on numbers by Ingo at * Early experiments. Tom McNears stage 7 results and recommendations of how to approach phonetics. Terminal Salience concept. Experimenting with ABCZ typing abbreviation system, similar to text expansion system. * Various results and feedback on recent results. Fascinating work, agreed, another aspect of remote viewing that needs more research and work. Wordle!

    1545hr PST / 1845hr EST – “Ask Jeff Anything” – Jeff Mishlove:

  • * QA with Jeff Mishlove

    1645hr PST / 1945hr EST – “Stardust Highways: Ingo Swann’s Art of Entertaining” – Elly Flippen:

  • * Elly (Ingo’s niece and curator) shares more about what led to the events in 1972, what entertaining was like at 357 when she lived with him, and delve into the stories that have led her to craft this new book; Stardust Highways: Ingo Swann’s Art of Entertaining * Cool insight in to the person

    Some onsite and online mingling, dinner, auction and spoon bending of course! All for me today, be back tomorrow for Day 3.

    == IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2022 – Day Three – Sunday 24 July 2022 ==

    0900hr PST / 1200hr EST – “Remembering The Future – The StarGate Poems” – Joseph Matto:

  • * Architect/designer/artist Joseph Matto presents some of his art, “Stargate poems” and how the creative process relates to RV. Background on his spiritual awakening and correspondence with Ingo. * Amazing drawings, and idea of seeing in to drawings and depth, meditation and hospitalization. Drawings now took interesting twist in to futuristic, structure of consciousness and telepathic nature. Geometry. Synchronicities with Stargate program. * Incredible art and spiritual creativity. Examples of initial remote viewing experiments.

    Onsite running a bit behind from posted times….

    0930hr PST / 1230hr EST – “Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing” – Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D:

  • * Operational RV results and lessons learned from Dr. Julia Mossbridge and precognition. Accessing unconditional love. Forgetting about feedback and the practical process. * Pitfalls, influencing future events and laws of operational precognitive RV. Fantastic work on precog resuls.

    1015hr PST / 1315hr EST – “Remote Viewing Experiences & Experiments on Video” – Edward Riordan:

  • * Remote viewer Edward Riordan discusses his RV background, importance of recording RV work, presenting it in full transparency. Also his work with the cryptoviewing project and experimental work. * Discusses his changes n RV methodology approach and capturing lightning in a bottle moments, intellectual property privacy masking. His theories of brain processing. Fascinating work. * Whoa, his personal dyslexia and learning challenges. Kudos for discussing that Edward. The process and cats. Get a cat.

    1045hr PST / 1345hr EST – “Talk by Paul Smith” – Paul Smith:

  • * More outbounder results. CRV is not…. the Devil. Myths and misunderstandings. Historical background on RV, ASPR and SRI. CRV timeline. Awesome Tom McNear archive photo, hahaha. Later timeline to time of declassification. * Misconception of IRVA being CRV biased. Who/how the formalized CRV came about. Family tree of CRV variations./li> * CRV scientific validation. **1130hr PST / 1430hr EST – _“IRVA Presidents Report” – Debra Katz_:**
    <li style="list-style-type: none;">
      * IRVA updates, state and future of the organization. Awards and purpose of IRVA.
      * Growth, various initiatives and volunteers. New goals for research such as phonetics, alphanumerics, etc. Does IRVA need a budget? Communities of Special Interest and foreign languages. Awesome! Membership and finances.
    Lunch break and onsite raffles. A few other amazing presentations, however due to time restraints, time for me to sign off. Great weekend, thank you IRVA.