Roku OS 9 Update with Spotify

Roku OS 9 Update Spotify

It’s no secret I’m a big ROKU appliance fan on my TVs, been using them for years & love them. Roku has been in the process of rolling out their big Roku OS version 9 to supported devices, and yes I’ve been anxiously awaiting. Why ?

Spotify is back, that’s why !

Well, after anxiously manually checking, refreshing and more manual checking… this morning I was finally greeted to the OS 9 update, wheeeee !!

I immediately added the Spotify channel, logged in and ahhh… Spotify goodness :).

That being said and checking out the overall system, it seems they’ve been doing a bit of code optimization. I have a prior gen 4630X model (if I recall correctly) and the appliance seems to reboot faster and the initial post reboot Home screen responsiveness is definitely improved. Before the OS 9 update, after an reboot the Home screen would have a momentary lag until everything in the background finished loading presumably. That appears to be gone from my experience.

There are a few other cool features with Roku OS 9 but for me the main thing was seeing Spotify back in the mix.

Thank you Roku an thank you Spotify !