Ghostly Talk Ep 134 with Vance West Remote Viewing

Ghostly Talk Ep 134 with Vance West Remote Viewing

Caught up with ScottL and Amber of Ghostly Talk podcast to discuss remote viewing, what’s new and just general babble.

It’s way, way too long – just way too long! On Tuesday September 1st, 2020 I had the pleasure to virtually sit down to chat and catch up with Scott and Amber for episode 134 of their Ghostly Talk podcast. I’ve been so fortunate in my life and relationships – the friendship I’ve established with Ghostly Talk and Scott/Amber goes back to 2004. Yeah, sixteen flipping years ago. Amazing how time files.

We did a bit of catching up, some trips down remote viewing “OpenRV” memory lane, discussed alpha-numerics and missing persons archives. We dived a bit in to what cliff I feel off of around 2007 for several years and where remote viewing is heading now, IRVA and what my current mindset is. Ghostly Talk is a weekly, unscripted talk show exploring the supernatural, and whatever else gets us excited and talking. Ghostly Talk began as a weekly paranormal talk show that started broadcasting in February 2002. The show ended its first run on October 18th, 2009.

Look forward to more discussions… and maybe, just maybe some new “OpenRV” projects.

Thanks Scott and Amber !

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