Why I Love Zombie Tools Swords

Why I Love Zombie Tools Swords

I’m a big fan of Zombie Tools swords and blades, it’s true. I have a handfull (no pun) of their blades and cherish them all. I have had years of Japanese traditional training in kenjutsu and various other tools, however when it comes to my personal choice of swords I generally enjoy overbuilt, modern material and designs.

Zombie Tools swords are highly regarded for their durability and indestructibility. Here are a few reasons why Zombie Tools swords are considered to be some of the most indestructible swords:

  1. High-Quality Materials: Zombie Tools swords are made with high-quality materials, such as 5160 spring steel, which is known for its toughness and durability. The steel used in Zombie Tools swords is carefully selected for its strength, durability, and ability to hold an edge.

  2. Hand-Forged: Zombie Tools swords are hand-forged in the USA, which allows for greater control over the tempering process. This results in a sword that is harder and more durable than a machine-made sword in many cases.

  3. Thick Blade Stock: Zombie Tools swords have thick blade stock, which means that the blades are thicker and more robust than many other swords. This added thickness makes the sword less likely to bend or break during use. (All swords will experience failure under extreme testing, of course)

  4. Full-Tang Construction: Zombie Tools swords have a full-tang construction, which means that the blade extends all the way through the handle and includes their use of aluminum scales in the handle. This design provides greater strength and durability, as there are no weak points in the sword’s construction.

  5. Rigorous Testing: Zombie Tools swords undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are strong and durable enough to withstand heavy use. The company has a reputation for putting their swords through extreme testing, such as chopping through cinder blocks and even a car hood, to demonstrate their strength and durability.

Zombie Tools swords are considered to be some of the most indestructible swords due to their high-quality materials, hand-forged construction, thick blade stock, full-tang construction, and rigorous testing. These features combine to create a sword that is both strong and durable, making it well-suited for heavy use for a variety of chopping and slicing pleasure.