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Easily Change Cisco ASA VPN Peer IP

VPN use is very prevalent these days, especially for businesses and the number of mobile workers, remote offices and tunneled cloud infrastructure. Inevitably at some point the IP address of an end point will need to be changed. This can be accomplished quickly and easy in a few steps, in this blip we’ll look at a simple IKEv1 VPN tunnel -while IKEv2 is the way to go these days – there are still a gazillion IKEv1 tunnels in operation.

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Cisco ASA Utility PING TCP

Problem On a Cisco ASA you can specify which interface to launch a ping from, but that’s it. However sometimes in troubleshooting you may find yourself with access to all remote assets to triangulate issues full or to properly initiate “interesting” traffic. We can use TCP PING in an interactive manner with a variety of parameters. Note: You need ASA version 8.

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