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SSH and FTP Slow Authentication, DBUS and Logind Restart

Fairly interesting Plesk Onyx, ProFTPD, DBUS and Logind scenario recently. Had a server sporadically terminating FTP sessions that were working fine previously. After verifying overall connectivity and firewalling were not the issue time to start diging through logs. While I could see the incomplete and terminated FTP sessions, there was nothing incredibly insightful as to why. Seeing the FTP daemon had been up & running without issues for almost two years I decided to just restart the ProFTPD service – sometimes stuff just needs to be kicked and if stuff was working before, that’s an easy step to eliminate before introducing ‘changes’.

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Windows 10 SSH Aliases

Windows 10 build 1803 April 2018 update now includes by default openSSH for Windows – no more WSL, emulation or other work arounds – a full blown fully integrated SSH client in Windows. The executables are stored in C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH and also include scp.exe and sftp.exe. A great way of making this even more functional for daily use is creating what we’d call ‘aliases’ in the

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