Remote Viewing the Jessica Lunsford Disappearance (Archive 2005)

Remote Viewing the Jessica Lunsford Disappearance (Archive 2005)

Remote Viewing the Jessica Lunsford Disappearance – A heartbreaking breakthrough.

By 2005 I had established a direct relationship with law enforcement after assisting in several investigations. I was contacted, if I recall correctly, on Friday the 25th with a request for remote viewing data. It was my birthday week so it still sticks in my head a bit as I spent the weekend getting a few sessions done. The tasking was to describe the current location of missing person Jessica Lunsford. These sessions were simply devastating emotionally. Forewarning, I’m only posting excerpts and not the complete remote viewing sessions as some of the data could be considered disturbing and I don’t think anything is served by posting that data.

The final sessions took place on 27 February 2005 spanning in to 28 February 2005. The absolutely heartbreaking aspect of these were that young Jessica Lunsford was alive when I began work on the first session, but was later perceived as deceased in subsequent session work partially posted below. I cannot accurately verbalize how frustrated I was because I knew from the first session the dire situation I was perceiving; time was of the essence but remote viewing does not excel at pinpointing location information, just describing it. At one point in my remote viewing session I moved to find nearby landmarks and perceived a law enforcement mobile command center and people talking. I knew the target site location was close, but where exactly? The proverbial needle in a haystack. This is where a strategic breakthrough came in.

Instead of continuing to describe the location itself and advising law enforcement, “you’re warm and close by”, i needed to think outside the box. I decided to take an entirely different approach on my next session – I used an open search tasking to perceive the “most important information needed to resolve this case”. It was a long shot to be honest, but one that provided huge results. Jessica was already deceased, but at least there could be closure and a lunatic off the streets. I was able to provide a few small, yet incredibly valuable bits of data related to a male person of interest vital to resolving the case. They were dealing with a predator, one they were already aware of, had already visited the suspects location at least once and needed to re-interview individuals in the immediate area. Additionally, I perceived the idea that this male individual of interest was on the move, currently in Georgia and law enforcement should immediately alert their law enforcement resources in that state. This is where remote viewing can be of huge benefit, small bits of data to get an investigation back on track. Sometimes to solve for X you need to establish what A and B are.

The debriefing after this case was when things took a radical change of course for my remote view endeavors and those of Trinity Science International (TSI).. but that’s another story.

Archived session excerpts from February 2005. Various news clipping for reference. Complete with coffee spill stains.