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PopOS 20.04 (Ubuntu 20.04) with Apple Magic Mouse 2 Scrolling

This driver works great on various distros but specifically for myself provides a working solution for PopOS 20.04 (or Ubuntu 20.04) with Apple Magic Mouse 2 scrolling. I know this will likely get me flamed, but while Linux is and continues to be my computing platform of choice the past few decades for work and personal computing, my workplace requires me to use an Apple laptop.

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Goodnotes on an iPad Tablet for Remote Viewing

If you’ve been remote viewing for a good amount of years you’ve accumulated boxed archives with many thousands of sheets of paper. I know I have. Plain ole 8-1/2″ x 11″ white stock paper and a good pen were a remote viewers standard issue tools for decades. The ole adage was “pen on paper, go!”. Times have changed. While nothing will arguably ever completely replace the tactile feel and response of “pen on paper”, and that’s absolutely fine, current technology has gotten so good that the advantages of devices such as tablets and digital white boards far outweigh the few shortcomings – in my opinion.

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