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Drum Tracking for "Seminole Wind" for Country Artist Don Gates 

Vance West behind-the-scenes of drum tracking for Country Artist Don Gates cover of "Seminole Wind".

Vance West recently recorded drum tracks for Don Gates cover of John Anderson's classic song "Seminole Wind". The tracking was done in July at Falcon Awesome Music studio in Florida. (seen below). 

Vance is the touring drummer for Don Gates, music available at iTunes, Amazon and all major digital outlets.

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CMA Fest 2016 Interview with Country Artist Don Gates 

During the recent CMA Fest 2016 in Nashville we sat down with Missy over at Center Stage Magazine.

We had a great time at the CMA Fest 2016 and a wonderful time meeting all the country music fans - yours truly is in the back row & they let me speak occasionally too ! We discussed everything from Florida flying insects, the reasons ~not~ to be a drummer and wearing banana hammocks on stage :)

Enjoy the video below and see everyone soon.

Source: Stage Magazine Artist Spotlight Don Gates

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Victims of Circumstance - Vance West Drum Fill Example 

Here's an example and fill break down taken from the pre-production recording I did of  "Victims of Circumstance" by Unison Page.

This fill is simple, utilizing stickings of 2 and 6 with the hands combined with doubles on the kick drum. These patterns are directly attributed to my early influences of Mark Zonder and Mikkey Dee. Patterns like these are fantastic and I use them often when wanting a bar or two of explosive 32nd notes while also breaking up the tonality between toms, snare, kick, splashes, etc.

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Country Artist Don Gates Enlists Drummer Vance West for Upcoming Tour 

Emerging Country Music Artist Don Gates Taps Drummer Vance West for Upcoming 2016 Shows and Tour

In late December 2015 drummer Vance West was approached about working with Bay Area country singer/songwriter artist Don Gates for upcoming live shows and touring. 

"It was another one of those strange life events - right place, right time, universe aligned and what-not"  laughs Vance. "A mutual friend and venue owner mentioned that Don was looking for a drummer. I had just left my prior project and was putting…Read more

Falcon Awesome Releases First Single "Song In My Soul" 

Falcon Awesome Releases First Single "Song In My Soul" Tampa Bay's own Falcon Awesome released their first single "Song In My Soul" recently to an awaiting fanbase


Falcon Awesome is comprised of Jason Tomascik and Michael Errion on vocals and guitars, Vance West on drums, and Lonnie West on bass and guitar. What makes this band different is that we are NOT trying to be bigger, badder, flashier, heavier, or faster than anyone. Instead, we are going back to our roots before music became all plastic and…Read more